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Topdog Ladders take pride in producing innovative, quality ladders that exceed all safety and reliability standards both in Australia and abroad. Our highly skilled, experienced staff have the expertise to design and produce our market leading ladders, right here in Brisbane.
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Safety first

Safety and durability are two key features of Topdog Ladders. We take pride in the quality of our Australian made ladders, and guarantee them, for your peace of mind.

All of the rungs of our ladders remain on the same plane of the ladder when ascending and descending. We have designed our ladders to ensure that the top part of the ladders extends on the inside of the static bottom section. This safety feature means that the user steps in during the ascent to the top extension from the bottom section, and steps out during the descent.

We have also designed in added beam strength, to ensure that there is little flex and clatter when the ladder is at full extension. Our ladders also include a spring-loaded latch, which powers a clutch safety mechanism, ensuring that the top section of the ladder remains secure while extended, whatever the angle.

Load to weight ratio

Topdog Ladders are renowned for the world-class structural integrity of our ladders. All of our ladders exceed strict Australian and international safety and performance standards. Our extension ladders have an astounding load rating approaching 300kg, compared with just 180kg achieved by our Australian competitors

Quality materials for quality products

All of our ladders are made from the very finest aluminium with fittings manufactured from marine-grade stainless steels and nuts from nylon lock. We guarantee long service life and high levels of durability on our strong, lightweight ladders.
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Easy to use

With smooth sliding sections that move on Teflon® Glides and the ability to store the ladders on their sides, our ladders combine quality, durability and ease of use. The top and bottom frames of the ladders interlock down the entire length, and are identical, with parallel sides. With such an amazing combination of features, it’s no wonder that Topdog Ladders is the market leader!
aluminium ladder with wheels

Wide range of ladders

Our ladders come in a range of different widths and heights to suit domestic, trade and commercial uses.

Our range of ladders include:
  • Extension ladders 
  • Single ladders 
  • Pole ladders
  • Hook ladders
  • Order pickers 
As a family owned and operated business, we retain the flexibility and expertise to be able to manufacture customised ladders to your specifications. Topdog Ladders combine quality, safety and good design and are proudly Australian owned.

Are you looking for well-made ladders in Brisbane? Call 07 3208 0000 today to find out more.

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